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Corporate Accounts

Valley Cab offers corporate accounts which provide businesses with a convenient method for managing their corporate transportation needs. We understand that your business choices are a reflection of how you operate, so choosing a reliable taxi cab company to partner with is just as important as hiring an employee.

Apply for a Corporate Account

Call or email us to apply for your corporate account with Valley Cab at 541‑772‑1818 or

Already have a Corporate Account?

To make a reservation, call us at 541‑772‑1818 or click here to schedule.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Account?

  • Your account is given the highest priority in our computerized dispatch system and, when you make a reservation, all of the information is stored and recorded.
  • You may make your reservations quickly and conveniently ONLINE!  Or feel free to call our dispatch department directly to make a reservation or last minute pick-up request.
  • Both the passenger and the driver sign the voucher at the destination, which makes the transaction secure.
  • Vouchers received from our drivers are cross referenced with information stored in our computer system and are checked to make sure that there are no overcharges.
  • A detailed invoice is billed monthly to your accounting department including the actual vouchers used.
  • Our dispatch department can work with you for any special needs that your company might have.